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please refer to yourself as an ‘artist’

Welcome to Reckless Painting if you don’t already, please refer to yourself as an ‘artist’ “Everybody is talented, original and has something important to say.” Brenda Ueland 1938 as often as possible, try not to think about painting while painting … Continue reading

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Bring your genius self to painting class

Blurring the crisp edges of your world can help your genius-self achieve greater clarity in work, life and relationships. Reckless Painting can help by blurring the brain’s expectations through unexpected directions, inspiring u-turns and fun re-adjustments to distract the internal editor. … Continue reading

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if you can walk…

If you can walk, you can dance. If you can talk, you can sing.* If you can hold a brush, you can apply paint to the sheet. What an interesting saying. I’ve always believed that it’s addressing the unspoken ‘well’ usually accompanying people’s guarded … Continue reading

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we paint on each other’s work

People aren’t all that sure what they can expect at a Reckless Painting class – and actually, that’s not a bad thing. Although a lot of what goes on is designed to distract the mind from ‘general predictability’, one thing … Continue reading

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welcome to reckless painting – a place for people who claim that they can’t paint …get comfortable and find out more how we can help you appreciate how creative you already are

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